Mountain Lodge Malga Galmarara

Malga Galmarara, a typical mountain lodge sits up high at 1,600 meters (approximately 5,400 feet) on the Asiago plateau, a reference point for hiking, mountain biking, or just an unforgettable place to sit or to have a bit of a walk in the peace and quiet. In the hut there are twenty beds and a tiny typical restaurant that offers its guests the best traditional dishes, serving basic but tasty alpine cuisine. Available overnight stays with half board accommodation.

Also available accommodation facilities offering stables for horses, as well as shelters for mountain bikes. A breathtaking view over the tallest mountains of the Asiago plateau, located in a very quiet and sunny area. Our land hosts a great diversity of species and you may enjoy being woken up by the sound of the black grouse in the morning or you can have a fascinating time observing a golden eagle, a roe deer or a chamois, in the peace and privacy of this picturesque setting.