La Tana Restaurant

" The moment you step into our restaurant you will instantly feel like you have never left home. We are all young and we strongly believe in what we do and in how we do it. We take our commitment seriously and pursue our mission with enthusiasm and joy. We do all we can to share our philosophy - inspired by our deep passion.
We share it with our guests making them feel comfortable, sharing with them the fruit of our daily labor too. Clients' welfare is very important to us and we pay close attention to every single detail, providing an excellent service to make our guests feel completely at ease. 'Tana' means 'cosy hideout' a refuge from the daily grind, even if only for a few hours. The smile on the faces of our guests is the satisfaction of a well done job.
Our cuisine is the luxury of simplicity. Savour innovative dishes prepared only with the freshest ingredients and the best raw materials. La Tana lunch menu is characterised by a simple, quick and whimsical cuisine while the dinner menu is more refined and sophisticated.
We work to promote the area, as well as raising awareness and appreciation, rediscovering and reinventing the immense riches of our land, following the rhythm of the season. We think people should be able to enjoy delicious, local, and seasonal food not exclusively from our region and as a matter of fact we love seafood too. With our knowledge, experience and creativity we reinterpreted the art of the cuisine. We research the top ingredients including those of the sea going against the common sense that relates mountain food products only to products of the earth.


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