"Mr. Mauro Zini,
We recently held the first-ever International Cunico Reunion at your hotel. The entire community opened their arms and made our homecoming more heartwarming than I thought was humanly possible. It was important to each of us to see the birthplace of our ancestors, and to meet our extended family. For me, I was actually able to feel the “heart of the community”.

You can be extremely proud of the service, hospitality, and experience we were all afforded. I would like to recognize the contributions of each and every employee of the Sporting Residence Hotel. They far surpassed any expectations, I might have had, and the entire staff welcomed each of us as if we were their own family. A very special “thanks” goes to Adriana Benetti-Longhini and Stefano Fracaro. They each gave of themselves freely, and they more than fulfilled our every need. The service they provided was above and beyond anything I've experienced or will ever experience again. I would easily give your hotel a 5 star rating! The entire staff should both be applauded.

Barth Cunico - Marseilles, Illinois - USA"

Barth Cunico

"I cannot thank Adriana and Stefano and all the staff for one of the most spectacularly arranged group events I have ever had the pleasure of attending. As a tour operator in Australia I would welcome them all in helping me with my events. The occasion was my Cunico family's reunion in late September this year. How well we were received and treated. Nothing was too much trouble and when descended upon by 340+ people when expecting 200, all the staff at the Sporrting Residence got behind each other and made the event one of the most memorable times of my Life. I left Asiago knowing that one day I will return, yet again, and hoping nothing changes. Avery big Thank You to Adriana and Stefano and all your staff. PS. I got so used to the fabulous coffees that Linda served, I now have my own espresso machine, naturally Italian and like the Sporting Residence Hotel, it's top of the range!"


"beautiful place!"


"Buonasera sign.Direttore,dopo la grande adunata ci stiamo preparando alla prossima stagione...!!Buon lavoro e in bocca al lupo!!lo Staff di malga una sua prenotazione di vacanza sulla nostra confortevole e rilassante Malga Galmarara:)A presto bacioni…"


"Veramente bello questo sito!


"Domenica sarò ad asiago!
Un saluto a tutti!"


"Molto bello questo sito!
e anche l'hotel!
Ciao Matteo"


"Dear Stefano,
thank you so much for all your help and the comfort this wonderful hotel provides.
I enjoyed my stay here so much + look forward to returning.

Sincerely, Mrs. Reed"

Mr. Reed

"Sig.Fracaro vorrei ringraziarla della disponibilità riservatami come persona e come amico.grazie con infinito affetto.a presto saluti"


"Gentilissimo Signor Fracaro,
dopo essere rientrato a Milano, preso da molti impegni, solamente oggi sono a ringraziarLa per tutta la cortesia e la professionalità che ha voluto dedicare al mio soggiorno allo Sporting Hotel di Asiago.

Spero di poter tornare presto in questo luogo così pieno di fascino e dal paesaggio incantato.

Con i più cordiali saluti. A presto, grazie."


"Hello-I just wanted to acknowledge how wonderful our stay was at the Sporting in Asiago. We were there from May 22nd until May 25th primarily because Asiago was the town my grandfather grew up in before he immigrated to the US in 1912. We were there for the purpose of doing some research into family history. The staff at the hotel, especially the young men at the desk, were so helpful to us. They interpreted for us several times and gave us great suggestions about where to go, what restaurants to eat at, and how to find our way around. Please be sure they are acknowledged for making our trip to Asiago a wonderful experience.

Thanks so much."

Tom and Sandy

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